Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the Essences with my herbs or medication?
Yes. There are no contraindications with Essence Therapy. Since they work on an energetic level, they do not interfere with other forms of treatment. Flower essences actually enhance the effectiveness of other treatments.

Do I have to avoid mint or food before or after taking the essences?
No. You may take them with water, juice or food. Unlike other homeopathic preparations, one cannot anecdote or diminish their effectiveness in combination with other substances.

Can one have an allergic reaction to the Essences?
Essences are the energetic imprint of the flower. There is no plant material in the remedy and no chance of allergic reactions. Flower essences can actually help relieve allergic responses.

Can someone with an alcohol sensitivity take the Essences?
Yes. For those who are sensitive to alcohol, the Essences may be applied to pulse points on the wrists and temples or placed in a hot drink.

Are flower essences aromatherapy?
No. Aromatherapy works primarily through the senses. Flower essence therapy works through the energetic fields. Flower essences and aromatherapy work well together.

What happens if I take the wrong Flower Essence?
If the wrong essence, that is an essence that is not indicated in the situation, is taken, it simply will have no effect. The inappropriate Essence will not create another response. Essences also do not cancel each other out.

How will I know when to stop taking the essences? Can I get addicted to them?
One will stop taking the essences when they have completed their task of helping you release the reactivity and restoring balance. One usually starts forgetting to take them once the essences have accomplished their effect. There is no addictive quality about the essences. Once they restore balance, there is no further need for them.

Can I overdose?
One cannot overdose on the remedies. Conversely, two drops are as effective as the entire bottle.

Are the essences safe for children?
Yes, the Essences¨ can be safely taken by pregnant and lactating women, babies, children, adults, elderly and pets Рeven plants have been known to benefit. Bach Flower Essences¨ are completely safe and can be used any time, by the entire family.