"What you think, you create. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you become." Buddha


My mission is to help you bloom into your full potential by creating  individualized remedies that heal a broken heart, restore balance to your emotions and help you achieve personal and professional goals.   If you suffer from anger, fear, grief, self-depreciation, guilt, trauma, loss, boundary issues, speaking your truth, betrayal, regret, "anxiety," "depression" or find you are not making progress toward identifying or achieving a goal, the flower essences and I can help you. 

 Since 1999, I have been helping clients release emotions that stand in the way of happiness and productivity.  We hold emotions as vibration in our energetic architecture, which is the core of our system. Plants have their own unique vibratory signatures.  When certain plant medicines are combined they form a balanced vibration.  When we ingest this medicine, our system will adjust to this balance and bring the entire system into harmony all in alignment with the Laws of Motion. When you feel this new vibration at your core,  you stop reacting, start responding, begin to heal and the way will be cleared for you to manifest your goals. 

My expertise is finding just the right combination of essences for you at this moment in time that will amplify a balanced vibration at your core. And you will feel peace, maybe for the first time ever or in a while.  And you will see balance manifest in your world by virtue of what is attracted to you and what you create. 

Helping you bloom is my mission, my joy and my calling. I love my practice.  Let me help you BE all you can BE with Botanical Energetics. Book a Flower Essence Therapy session in person or by phone. 


Flower Essences

“From the earliest times in history, we find that herbs have been used as healing remedies, and as far back as records go, man has had the faith that in the herbs of the meadow and valley and hillside lay the power to cure his illnesses.”

Dr. Edward Bach

Flower essences are energetic formulas made from the blooms of healing plants. Each plant essence balances a specific emotional state. Customized treatments are combinations of essences that address the root of imbalance  by replacing emotions stored as resonances with balanced vibrations of the plants. 


When you release old emotional habits, you change your life. Flower essences  are the catalyst for that change.  CB

Flower Essence Therapy


A Holistic Approach to Health

Flower Essence Therapy is a wellness approach that achieves balance  that extends to every level of our being. Flower Essence Therapy allows you to achieve your full potential and live with focus, passion and purpose. 

Botanical Energetics is my signature practice of Flower Essence Therapy ~ the art and science of using traditional plant remedies to restore emotional balance and vitality .  

Bloom into your full potential with Flower Essence Therapy.

Botanical Energetics Workshops

Workshops are offered for private parties, holistic centers, corporate wellness programs, places of worship, night schools, yoga studios and more. 

Workshops cover what flower essences are, how they work, how are made, how to use them, how to incorporate them into your health care protocol, safety issues and Q/A.  A detailed description of each of the Bach essences with indications for when to use each essence, healing properties and transformations of health conditions will also be discussed for each of the flower essences. 

For more information on workshop availability and scheduling, please contact me at the link below on this page. 

Upcoming Flower Essence Education 

Chester County Night School  Tuesday April 30, 2019 7:00 pm- 9:00  pm.  

Pierce Middle School 1314 Burke Road West Chester, PA Room C103 

Registration:  610-692-1964 Online: chestercountynightschool.org

The quantum model of reality tells us that to change our lives, we must fundamentally change the way we think, act and feel. We must change our state of being.  To change, then, is to be greater than our present circumstances, greater than our environment." 

Joe Dispenza  

Humans beings are complex networks of energy fields constantly evolving into a reality of our own creation.   Energy medicine can help you create the reality of your conscious  aspirations.  CB


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