BE CALM Flower Essence Therapy to restore focus, resilience and calm

These are difficult times for everyone in varying degrees. Everyone is experiencing the pandemic in their own way. BE CALM is an approach to releasing reactivity and restoring calm.   

BE CALM is a therapy and remedy combination that addresses  fears, frustrations, worry, uncertainty,  anger, irritation, instability, loneliness, grief and isolation depression from which so many are suffering. 

Through the pandemic, the cost for BE CALM is  $45.00 and includes a half- hour therapy session to assess the constellation of emotions, indications for the essences and an individualized formula  and treatment bottle. Cost includes processing and US shipping fees. Sessions are by phone and zoom. 

This is a special offer and my way of contributing during these times to help alleviate emotional suffering. 

To schedule a session, click  the link below to BOOK A SESSION  or call   610 234-2014.

This is a special offer to introduce the healing properties of flower essences during the covid-19 epidemic. 



$45.00  for a  half-hour therapy session and treatment bottle during the pandemic.

Includes US shipping and handling. Click the link below to  book a session.

FLower Essences restore balance

Traditional Medicine

“From the earliest times in history, we find that herbs have been used as healing remedies, and as far back as records go, man has had the faith that in the herbs of the meadow and valley and hillside lay the power to cure his illnesses.”

Dr. Edward Bach

Flower essences are energetic formulas made from the blooms of healing plants. Each plant essence balances a specific emotional state. Customized treatments are combinations of essences that address the root of imbalance  by replacing emotions stored as resonances with balanced vibrations of the plants. 


"There is a way of breathing that's a shame and suffocation and there's another way of expiring, a love breath, that lets you open infinitely."   Rumi 


                                                       React -  Respond  - Release  -  Renew 

Flower Essence Therapy helps ~ 

  • heal a broken heart
  • release attachments to past trauma
  • embrace the future with optimism
  • live and be productive in the moment
  • restore balance to your emotions, mind and body
  • help you achieve personal and professional goals.         

          Conditions addressed, released  and healed in flower essence therapy ~                                        

  • anger
  • fear
  • grief
  • uncertainty
  • self-depreciation
  • guilt
  • trauma
  • separation and loss
  •  boundary issues
  • difficulty speaking your truth
  • betrayal
  • regret
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • procrastination
  • immobility
  • identifying and achieving  goal 



Practicing since 1999

Botanical Energetics  began in 1990 with my own healing journey from trauma.  After starting a Holistic Health Center,  my practice officially began in 1999 when I earned my BFRP certification, (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner).  I completed practitioner trainings and studied  with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz at the Flower Essence Society and  Steve Johnson at Alaskan Flower Essences and studied with Jane Bell at Hawaiian Essences and David Dalton at Delta Gardens.  I work in person with local clients in Southeastern PA and national and global clients  via phone, zoom  or Skype. 

My practice is rooted in  science, education, experience and a life-long attention to and understanding of the language of the plants. I am a Soil Scientist and environmental educator. Flower Essence Therapy is applied science. 

My expertise is in the  Bach Essences, North American Essences, Alaskan Flower Essences and Alaskan Gem Elixirs.

In session, I  assess the imbalances at the core of a client's emotional turmoil  and prepare a specific essence combination that restores balance to their energetic architecture. This in turn initiates rebalancing of all the subsequent layers; emotional mental and physical.

The fruits of my practice are clients with greater sense of peace, regardless of what is pulling at them in the outer landscape or what is reminding them of past trauma or fears of the future.  

Plants nourish and heal.  Essences remind us how connected we are with our kin in nature.  My practice is an application of our intimate and ephemeral interrelationship with the plant kingdom. 

I love helping people heal their wounded hearts and am honored to help you  BE all you can BE with Botanical Energetics. 


When you release old emotional habits, you change your life. Flower essences  are the catalyst for that change.  CB

Flower Essence Therapy


A Holistic Approach to Health

Flower Essence Therapy is a wellness approach that achieves balance  that extends to every level of our being. Flower Essence Therapy allows you to achieve your full potential and live with focus, passion and purpose. 

Botanical Energetics is my signature practice of Flower Essence Therapy ~ the art and science of using traditional plant remedies to restore emotional balance and vitality .  

Bloom into your full potential with Flower Essence Therapy.

The quantum model of reality tells us that to change our lives, we must fundamentally change the way we think, act and feel. We must change our state of being.  To change, then, is to be greater than our present circumstances, greater than our environment." 

Joe Dispenza  

Humans beings are complex networks of energy fields constantly evolving into a reality of our own creation.   Energy medicine can help you create the reality of your conscious  aspirations.  CB