Charlene Briggs


Planting Wellness since 1999

I am one of 110 Registered Bach Flower Practitioners in the United States. My flower essence training venues include the Bach Flower Essences with the Bach Foundation, the North American Essences with the Flower Essence Society in California, the Alaskan Essences with Jane Bell and Steve Johnson in Homer, Alaska and Delta Gardens with David Dalton.

Since 1999, I have helped thousands of people throughout the United States and abroad relieve stress, heal trauma and restore emotional balance and vitality. My plant essence journey began with healing my own traumas and has become a life-long mission to help others transcend theirs.  


I am an environmental scientist and educator. Botanical Energetics is my Flower Essence Therapy practice and the intersection of quantum physics with  healing plants. 

To promote ecological literacy, I facilitate the development of outdoor classrooms and sustainable landscapes. Where and what I teach:

  • Temple University Professor Courses: The Environment, Sustainable Design, Plant Ecology and Botanical Traditions.
  • West Chester University Course: Botanical Energetics  in the Integrative Medicine Department.
  • Longwood Gardens Course: Botanical Medicine Traditions in the Professional Gardeners Program. 
  • For more information on my science and education work, visit

Mission  – To facilitate an evolution of consciousness by helping those who want to achieve their fullest potential both personally and professionally. I believe world peace starts in each of our hearts. 

Company policy – Extreme confidentiality. I help people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. 

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