Traditional plant-based therapy to restore holistic balance and vitality.

Botanical Energetics is the art and science of using traditional plant remedies to restore emotional balance and vitality. Plant essences are energetic formulas made from the blooms of healing plants. Each plant essence balances a specific emotional state. Customized treatments repair and heal the entire system’s energetic architecture. This energetic anatomy is the core of our structure and it’s resonance is the foundation for health and well-being.

What Others are Saying

  • “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.
    We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”  
    — Albert Sweitzer

    Albert Sweitzer said it beautifully. My sentiments exactly.

    Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the many hours spent with me, sharing, encouraging, opening insights into the strengths and abilities I’ve been given. Every kindness is appreciated more than words can express. Please know that you are truly making a difference in the many lives you touch. I am grateful for not only what you do, but who you are ~ a truly caring person.

  • There are those whose very existence adds height to the world’s vibration, making it a happier place to live in. You’ re one of those angels, giving and caring with wondrous insight into the souls you serve.

    Your loving heart feels the sadness and anxiety of us who are blessed to have you to guide and support our journey toward becoming our best selves. I sometimes feel your heart breaks a little for me, which makes me feel deeply heard and cared for.

    Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable so I can become stronger in my pursuit of happiness.

    You are held in my heart with the deepest of gratitude.

  • Charlene listens with her heart and both ears. With her guidance, understanding and knowledge of flower essences, I have achieved so much more than I had dreamed.

    I now have strong boundaries, clarifying focus and a calm center of control. I am evolving into the person I was meant to become because together we have identified the internal barriers and focused on supporting my goals from the inside out. The flower essences that she has selected for me have made a wondrous impact on my life, and I am forever grateful to Charlene for partnering with me to create the life I now enjoy.

“All true knowledge comes only from within ourselves in silent communication with our Souls.”Dr. Edward Bach

What are Plant Essences?

  • Flower essences are energetic formulas made from the blooms of healing plants.
  • Flower essences are plant medicine and energy medicine.
  • Energy medicine restores and strengthens the natural, inherent resonance of the system, so the blocks, the energetic constructs from the past, present and future, lose their charge.
“Flower essences act as gentle reminders to guide us in our unfolding, developing our own essence along the way!”Kate Gilday

Where did Plant Essences Originate?

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach discovered the 38 Bach Flower Essences.

Dr. Edward Bach was a bacteriologist and immunologist in London in the early 20th Century. He observed a direct correlation between the onset, duration and intensity of disease in the physical body and a patient’s emotional state. He also realized drugs and surgery were not curing his patients and believed that there must be a safer and more natural way of treating the cause of disease.

In his search for new, simpler and more natural medicines, Dr. Bach departed his London medical practice for empirical plant research in the countryside of Wales, where he discovered the healing power of plant essences. Upon his return to London, he prepared the Essences® and prescribed them according to the personality of his patients, with immediate and remarkable results.

Each of the 38 Essences® addresses a different state of emotions/mind or personality type. In 1935, Dr. Bach shared his discoveries with the scientific community.

Historically, Paracelsus referred to plant essences in the 1500’s. They are not new discoveries, but uncovered ancient wisdom.

“From the earliest times in history, we find that herbs have been used as healing remedies, and as far back as records go, man has had the faith that in the herbs of the meadow and valley and hillside lay the power to cure his illnesses.”Dr. Edward Bach

What are Flower Essence Therapy Sessions?

Flower Essence Therapy sessions are designed to prepare individual treatment bottles that restore balance to the system.

The initial session is one and one half hours, introduces clients to what the essences are, how they work, their origins and how to incorporate them into one’s healing protocol. One hour is devoted to active listening to the constellation of emotions surrounding the client and preparation of an individual treatment bottle.

Each follow-up session is an hour long and involves discussion on transformations, active listening and a follow-up treatment.

At the end of each session, the client leaves with a personal treatment bottle of essences designed to address the entire constellation of issues presented.

Individual treatment bottles facilitate the transition beyond the pain and circumstances into a proactive life. Clients generally experience a shift within the first bottle.

Sessions are available in person in the greater Philadelphia region, as well as online via Skype or Facetime.

“Just as flowers grow from the earth, so the remedy grows in the hands of the practitioner…the remedy is but a seed which develops into that which it is destined to be.”Paracelsus

About Us

Charlene L. Briggs

Charlene Briggs is one of 110 Registered Bach Flower Practitioners in the United States. Her flower essence training venues include the Bach Flower Essences with the Bach Foundation, the North American Essences with the Flower Essence Society in California, the Alaskan Essences with Jane Bell and Steve Johnson in Homer, Alaska and Delta Gardens with David Dalton.

Charlene began her practice in 1999 and has helped thousands of people throughout the United States and abroad relieve stress, heal trauma and restore emotional balance and vitality.

Charlene is an environmental scientist and educator. To promote ecological literacy, she facilitates the development of outdoor classrooms, local food networks and sustainable landscapes. Charlene’s teaching assignments include:

  • Temple University as an adjunct professor teaching The Environment, Sustainable Design, Plant Ecology and Botanical Traditions.
  • West Chester University teaching Botanical Energetics annually as a guest professor in the Integrative Medicine Department.
  • Longwood Gardens teaching Botanical Medicine Traditions of Common Weeds in the Professional Gardeners Program.